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Stichting Barstow was established on January 2014 in Amsterdam by Steven Bos, Susan Lanting and Gover Meit. For supporting and stimulating visual spectacle and bringing art and entertainment closer together.

Bos, Lanting and Meit met in 2005 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and gradually discovered a shared love for all in the field of visual spectacle: theater, film, music, art, everything. The various experiences Bos, Lanting and Meit have gained is an ideal base for producing cultural projects and to break new ground. Stichting Barstow is ready to surprise the world.

Steven Bos & Susan Lanting Bos & Lanting


If you bathe in sunlight for too long, your skin will burn and turn red. Everybody knows that. But what would happen if moonlight were to be equally strong? In order to find out, Stichting Barstow made  a supermoon called Moonburn.

Moonburn is all about changing the way of looking, adding a new dimension to the horizon. Stichting Barstow's moon  shines all night thanks to a special kind of glow-in-the-dark paint that they have applied to it's surface. It shines an eerie blue/green light that looks different every day, depending on the weather.

Moonburn is commissioned by the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Steven Bos & Susan Lanting Bos & Lanting


Since it's first display at the Amsterdam Light Festival in 2014 Moonburn travelled quit a bit. It's been in Amsterdam Osdorp on the roof a diner, a nightclub, a dance-festival called Mysteryland, and recently to Sea World, in Shenzhen, China.


Everywhere the moon goes it is surrounded with curiousity. People try to get up close take pictures or they just dance underneath it. That is exactly what Stichting Barstow had in mind, a full moon makes everybody a little crazy!

SHENZHEN (CHN) 2016/17

Steven Bos & Susan Lanting Bos & Lanting







Mare Nocturnum is a high tension multi-disciplinary theatre play commissioned by the BNG Bank and the BNG Cultuurfonds.


The entire stage design of the play consist of a 6 meters high wall of 3D-video projection. The spectators, while looking through a set of 3D glasses, find themselves on the bottom of the world's deepest ocean, surrounded by three-dimensional dark matter and enchanting creatures.

The actors are confined inside a small submarine that crashed on stage. They provide a bridge between video and reality, dragging the viewer deeper and deeper into the story.

Mare Nocturnum is loaded with crazy special effects, dazzling imagery and hyper realistic acting. It's a live-action science-fiction movie mixed with the wildest theme park rides.

Steven Bos & Susan Lanting Bos & Lanting